Cheese Cakes

Cheese cakes, 'cheese towers' or 'cheese wheel cakes' make a delicious, savory addition/alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Our 'cakes', composed of high quality Caws Teifi artisanal cheeses can be dressed and enjoyed at any occasion; weddings, christenings, anniversaries and birthday parties.

What is a Caws Teifi Cheese cake? 

A Caws Teifi Cheese cake is a selection of complimentary cheese wheels, stacked, sliced or arranged to your taste and budget. You can view our wide variety of cheese types and flavours below. If you wish, we also supply other Welsh cheeses for your cheese cake.

Order Yours Today

We are happy to build your cake with the perfect combination of flavours, colours and textures but you are also welcome to come to our farm and custom design your own cheese cake.


You can either pick up the cheese yourself from our dairy or we can send it to you.

cheese wedding cake.JPG