Dutch cheeses

There's a lot more to Dutch cheeses than a pre-packaged, red-rinded supermarket Edam, Jenni explores some of the finer choices for the cheese connoisseur...

Under normal circumstances I'd no sooner go to Borough Market on a Saturday than visit the dentist. I hate crowds, and there always seems to be more people there taking pictures than buying food. But this week I was forced down there for work and happily found a lovely cheese I'd not tried before (while unsuccessfully attempting to skirt the human traffic jam in the Green Market area).

Every Dutch person I've ever met talks longingly of the wonderful farmhouse cheeses made in Holland and how sad it is that most Brits are only aware of dreary factory-produced Edam. In fact for years some of the best 'Dutch' cheeses on sale in the UK have been the artisan-made gouda-style cheeses produced by Dutch expatriates, such as multi-award-winning Teifi from Wales and the fabulously buttery Coolea from Ireland.

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