A busy year for Caws Teifi

We’ve been a bit quiet on our news front so far this year- something we definitely need to rectify!

So to get you all up to date, here is our year so far in a nutshell.

We had a new addition to the Savage-Onstwedder family with a very beautiful baby girl, Phoebe, being born in February to Claire and John-James.

April saw a wonderful Australian by the name of Amy arrive to work on the farm for 2 months, helping make cheese and experimenting with Beer cheese- something we will be tasting in the next few weeks- very exciting!

Throughout May and June baby animals of all sorts were arriving on the farm left right and centre- we had a number of calves born, bought in 2 Mangalitza piglets and Mike, our distiller, turned up one day with a new puppy!

In June we had a great night at the British Cheese Awards a few weeks ago, with our Heritage Teifi winning Gold for Hard Modern British Cows Cheese and best overall Welsh Cheese, our Halloumi winning Silver in ‘Other Cooking’, our Celtic Promise winning Bronze in ‘Washed Rind’ and silver alongside our Saval in ‘Semi-Soft’. Our Caerphilly winning Bronze for Best Caerphilly, our Oak-Smoked Teifi winning Silver for best Smoked and finally our Sweet Pepper Teifi winning Silver in the Chives/Onion/Pepper category. Phew!

And just a couple of weeks ago our new French student Camille arrived to experiment with changing our cheese rinds to edible ones- less waste and less plastic so fingers very tightly crossed that she works it out before she leaves at the end of the summer!

So there we are guys, will try to make this a more regular thing from now on!