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We use traditional methods to make award-winning artisan cheeses from the finest, locally sourced raw milk.

Caws Teifi Cheese is located on our organic family farm in the Teifi Valley.

Celtic Promise

The most highly-awarded British cheese, Celtic Promise, is a Caerphilly type washed-rind cheese with a slightly moist, pink rind. Soft and buttery as it matures it develops a slightly pungent aroma and has a delicate, mild flavour creating a delicious contrast with the rind. It is supple, smooth, spicy and aromatic. Celtic Promise is considered a ‘table cheese’ by some but it is also good to cook with when a strong, creamy flavour is required.

from 4.50

Teifi Natural is a Gouda-style cheese with a dense, smooth and creamy texture. Its mellow, slightly sweet flavour becomes deeper and richer with age and when very mature develops characteristics similar to Parmesan cheese.

This cheese is very versatile and loses nothing when heated. It's excellent when toasted or grilled; as it melts in strings and it's great on pizza. Ideal for those who are after good flavour without too much intensity.

The cheese loses nothing when heated and is excellent toasted or as a flavouring; as it melts in strings. It is also fantastic on pizza both flavoured and unflavoured.

from 4.50

Teifi Nettle is our Teifi Natural Gouda-style cheese with nettles added during the cheesemaking process. It has a dense, smooth, creamy texture and a mellow flavour that gets stronger with age. The nettle has a light but distinct flavour that makes it a very unique cheese.